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Midwest Highland Cattle Association

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Canadian Pedigree Semen available

Sweetbrier Epic Lad -17128- #58042

Superb Champion Pedigree Canadian Bull -

Comes from a long line of champion bulls direct into Scotland. Top of the line lineage from Gusgurlach of Windrush to Lain Mor of Glengoich to Gille Buidhe of Benmore. Calves generally weigh 60/65 pounds. Classic “Heritage” Scottish appearance. Amazing Thick dossan. Flowing hair. Sturdy, strong feet. Proportionate body. Straight back. Perfect horns. Moves w/the grace, pride & flow of a champion.


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Photos on https://www.americanhighlandsranch.com/highland-bull-semen

Semen available from a variety of Quality AHCA Reg Bulls