Midwest Highland
Cattle Association

Midwest Highland Cattle Association


McLaughlin Farm LTD     southern Michigan 2020

John and Catherine McLaughlin

McLaughlin Farm LTD
6300 Brown's Lake Road
Jackson, MI 49201

• 30-40 Highland and Highland Crossed Cattle on 130 acres

• The farm is located south of Jackson, surrounded by the Jackson Community College and  The Dahlem Conservancy

• Our commercial herd is raised according to the American Highland Cattle Association’s Quality Highland Beef Program. A primary focus is the finishing of grass fed beef.

• Our beef is available at:

     ◦ The Meridian Township Farmer's Market, Okemos, Michigan

     ◦ McLaughlin Farm by appointment only

     ◦ All beef is USDA processed.  Available by the cut, bundle or by the quarter.

• Restaurants featuring our Highland beef are:

     ◦ Harvest Kitchen, Ypsilanti, Michigan

     ◦ Red Haven, Okemos, Michigan

• McLaughlin Farm utilizes rotational grazing


 Please visit our website:  www.McLaughlinFarmLtd.com 


Phone: 517-782-2962  Email: [email protected]



Apricot Lane Farm in California was featured as a video short on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday March 24th. The filming is lovely, and the video includes shots of both TwinFlower Wesley, Grand Champion Bull at the 2011 NWSS and LEA Firefly, both purchased from Midwest members at the National Sale in 2011.

See the video here.