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Cow Camp 2014


 What a fun time and what stellar instructors for Cow Camp 2014.  Special thanks to Dawn and Chris Manthei, for hosting the event, and Ginny Miller (Supreme Champion Junior Showman, Denver 2014), Spence Reetz (cattle manager and showman for Symbiosis Ranch) and Skyler Anderson (breeder and showman of 2011 and 2013 NWSS (Denver) Grand Champion Bulls), for sharing their knowledge and talents with the up and coming junior showmen.

Even after a a last minute location change from Sarns Resort to the Maple Hill Highlands Farm, COW CAMP seemed to run flawlessly! We had 12 kids along with their parents/guardians and cows that participated this year.

Sue Dyke arrived a few days in advance to help us prepare for the “COW CAMP Invasion”. Sue also turned out to be the instructor of patience for our obstacle course! A big THANK YOU to Sue for all her hard work and for making he long trip to Michigan to help with the event.

Ginny Miller and her mother Sue also deserve a big THANK YOU. Sue helped with meal preparation, making sure the meals were ready on time. Ginny was our lead instructor. She had tons of knowledge and enthusiasm that she freely shared with the kids. Ginny instructed the kids in cow anatomy so they would be better prepared to answer questions that may be asked by the judge. After a short "class time” the kids went and got their heifers and were split by age/ experience for showmanship. In the afternoon the kids did showmanship again; a test of what they remembered from the morning session. With squirt gun in hand, Ginny put the kids through their paces. A mistake made by the kids warranted a shot of water. We had some very wet kids but it seems the threat of a shot of water stimulates memory function in children! All the kids had a good time with the help of Skyler Anderson and Spencer Reetz and the kids were able to get their revenge by soaking Ginny in the end.

Skyler and Spencer taught fitting, giving the kids a better understanding of how to fit an animal, as well as the reasoning behind fitting the animals for the show ring. Skyler and Spencer were also a huge help to Ginny while she worked on the kids' showmanship skills. They did all they could do to keep the kids on their toes and keep them dry. THANK YOU Skyler and Spencer!

We had three great minds to help the kids this year. Their youth made them someone the kids could relate to. Their enthusiasm was contagious. The knowledge hey had to offer the kids was immense. Ginny, Skyler and Spencer made a great teaching team!

On Sunday morning the cattle were loaded and the kids made short work of leaning the barn. Every one of the kids had a tool and through teamwork they had the job done in no time. Thank you all!

The new location has opened opportunities for future COW CAMPs. Ideas are popping up and we look forward to next years COW CAMP and the new and fun things we are planning! We hope to see you there!

 See more photos in the photo gallery.




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