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Cow Camp 2013



by Hannah Burkhart, Bailey McConnell, & Nate Larson
This year at the 3rd Annual Cow Camp in Morley, MI, North Central and Mid-West regional associations came together to have fun with cattle and friends.
During cow camp, there was a lot of fun going on but with an educational twist. As the campers and cattle started to arrive, everyone was introduced to each other knowing that a friendship was going to be made throughout the weekend.
We started off every morning with breakfast and chores. Throughout the day, there were various activities that were a lot of fun. On Saturday, we first had the older group of kids go with Skyler Anderson for in-depth showmanship advice. While this was going on, the younger kids were busy making bracelets out of beads that you can design yourself. As the day moved on, the younger kids got their turn to listen and receive help from Skyler in showmanship. The drivers' lessons with Sue Dyke was one of the newest activities for the teenagers. We worked on driving and backing up with a trailer, stopping and accelerating slowly, and just simple driving techniques with no trailer. We were even jostled around in the trailer, blindfolded. The lesson was to see what it was like for cattle to be in the trailer with a careless driver. After lunch, we went to the river. All the kids got together and had a massive squirt gun fight and played with the disgusting seaweed. We finished the night with an obstacle course that focused on patience with your animal and a bonfire.
On behalf of all the kids at cow camp, we think that going to cow camp makes your bond with your 4-legged friend greater as well as with the kids that you just met. It's such a great experience, we hope more kids and families can make it in the future.
And lastly we would like to thank Sue Dyke for the drivers' lessons, Skyler Anderson for the showmanship advice and most importantly Dawn Manthei for putting on Cow Camp 2013!!


By Dawn Manthei

Cow camp 2013 has come and gone. We had a nice attendance, with kids and families from both the Midwest and North Central cattle associations. Unfortunate circumstances kept us from having our first aid class, but the rest of the weekend went off without a hitch! The kids were separated by age, and the younger kids did bracelets, learning to tie knots that could be useful for other applications later, and personalizing them to their taste. The older kids were instructed by Skyler Anderson in advanced showmanship techniques. When the “senior showmen” were done, Skyler worked with the younger kids, and the older kids did drivers education with Sue Dyke. We had lunch, and the kids went to the river to have a couple hours to blow off some steam, and cool down. At the river is where the kids had a squirt gun war.....yes a war not a fight. There was a lot of water flying and the kids had fun! If you had a water blaster in your hand you were fair game, and a few adults were wet when it was all over. After the river the kids were split into teams, and a jeopardy game with a cattle theme (developed by Ann Proctor) was played. The kids seemed to enjoy the game, and some interesting answers were heard. After the jeopardy game Skyler Anderson once again took the floor, and using his buyers guide that he has posted on his website, elaborated on the finer points of what to look for in an animal. In the evening when it cooled down the kids did an obstacle course put together by Dave Larson. This challenge taught the kids that they could not rush success. They found it was faster to gently coax their animals through than pull them. A good lesson learned!

A good time was had by all. Special thanks go out to Sue Dyke for having nerves of steel with the drivers education kids, and being an important part of encouraging North central association to take part. Skyler Anderson for his expert instruction in showmanship, Dave Larson for the obstacle course, and Ann Proctor for the jeopardy game. Thank you to all that made a donation to make this cow camp possible.


 More photos of Cow Camp 2013

Juniors at the 2013 Osceola Classic









Junior results for the MIdwest International in Louisville

                                     Junior Class J$: Junior Yearling Heifers


                                                   Junior Class J7 Pee-Wee Showmanship



















Junior Class

 Intermediate Showmanship





 Reserve  Champion Junior Breeding Heifer     

 Champion Junior Breeding Heifer

Highland Junior Breeding Heifer


ClassJ1.  5/1/2012 or later

1st  80. Seawind’s Ayla Michelle     DOB: 6/9/2012 Reg#: 51412

            Owner:Seawind Meadows                       DennisMA


ClassJ2. 1/1/-4/30/2012

1st 81Seawind’sAibileen      DOB: 3/7/2012 Reg#: 51063

            Owner:Seawind Meadows                       DennisMA


ClassJ3. 7/1-12/31/2011

1st 83.Star LakeMorgan                   DOB: 7/11/2011           Reg#:50462   

            Owner:Star Lake Cattle Co.                    GeorgesMills, NH

2nd 82. LEAHedy                   DOB: 8/30/2011           Reg#:50588   

            Owner:LEA-White Farms             Charlotte MI


ClassJ4. 1/1-6/30/2011

1st 85.AlmostaFarm’sStar        DOB: 3/18/11        Reg#: 50354

            Owner:Osceola Highlands                      ReedCity MI

2nd 84.Maple HillCandence           DOB: 4/22/11   Reg#: 50286

            Owner:Osceola Highlands                      Reed City MI


ClassJ6. 1/1-4/30/2010


2nd 86.Osceola Mekataten   DOB: 4/25/10   Reg#: 49718

            Owner:Osceola Highlands                      ReedCity MI


1st 87.SeawindApril’s Nick of Time DOB: 1/26/2010Reg#: 48847

            Owner:Seawind Meadows                       DennisMA


Champion JuniorBreeding Heifer                      87.SeawindApril’s Nick of Time

Reserve  Champion Junior Breeding Heifer         85.AlmostaFarm’sStar       




Class J7:  Pee-wee showmanship (ages 6-8)

             1st 91.Isaiah Moore



Class J8:  Junior showmanship (ages 9-12)

          1st 92.    Jessica Richardson 

          2nd 92a   Lilly Self

Class J9: Intermediate Showmanship(ages 13-17)

          1st95.Ginny Miller

          2nd94.Miriam May

          3rd93.Annalee May

Kalamazoo Junior Highland Show August 2012

The Junior Show at the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival was a big hit with the kids and adults.  With the donation of a couple of loaner cattle, we had a good turnout of Junior Showman.  Olivia Moore took 1st place in Pee Wee Showmanship, followed by Ellie Toney in 2nd and Isaiah Moore in 3rd.

Noah Moore led the Junior Showmanship class, with McKenna Rogers in 2nd.

Intermediate Showmanship was the duel of the brothers, with Jon Jenkins taking a first over Jake Jenkins  in second.

The Junior Breeding Heifer Show resulted in a Grand Championship  for Osceola Peaches X Cream shown by Noah Moore, with Reserve Grand going to LEA Hedy, shown by Isaiah Moore.

Other Junior Division Winners included

Heidi 3rd of Dundonald, shown by McKenna Rogers as Junior Heifer Calf Champion.

LEA Hedy shown by Isaiah Moore took Intermediate Yearling Heifer Champion.

Champion Junior Yearling Heifer was awarded to Almosta Farm Star, shown by Olivia Moore, followed by Reserve Junior Yearling LSK Yellow Gold, shown by Ellie Toney.

Senior Heifer Champion went to Osceola Peaches X Cream, with Reserve going to Maple Hill Hollie. shown by Jon Jenkins.

 Isaiah Moore with the Reserve Grand Champion Junior Breeding Heifer


 Olivia Moore winning Pee Wee Showmanship


 Noah Moore with the Grand Champion Junior Breeding Heifer

Ellie Toney with the Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Heifer


 Kalamazoo participants Jon and Jake Jenkins, Olivia, Noah and Isaiah Moore, Ellie Toney and McKenna Rogers.



Cow Camp 2012 Testimonial


I attended cow camp in Michigan this year for the first time, and from my experiences, I plan on going next year!

For me, cow camp made me much more confident in myself to handle my own animal. Cow camp was about doing it all on your own, with no help from the adults unless you really needed it. The adults knew you could handle your animal, wash them, and do your chores by yourself. They just wanted YOU to realize it. I think each and every kid that was there now knows they can handle their own calf all by themselves; and they want to show it off that they can!

During cow camp, we had numerous activities to do throughout the weekend. For example fishing, swimming, and making your own farm signs, washing your calf, and much, much more. I’d have to say that the drivers’ lesson with Sue Dyke was definitely my favorite part!  There was never a boring moment either; you were always having a fun time with everyone!

I recommend going to cow camp next year!  It is a lot of fun. Your confidence level goes up so much during the weekend and a smile is literally stuck on your face the whole entire time! You make new friendships with other youth, and your relationship with your calf grows stronger as well!


Bailey M.


Group photo as you look at it left to right: Ellie  Jacob, Jonny , Olivia , Rowan, Mary, Thomas, Marla, behind is Noah, Bailey, Isaiah. Missing are Miranda and Ginny.


Juniors Top Winners at Denver 2012

Junior Kylie Trail topped the Steer Show with the Grand Champion Crossbred Prospect Steer, and Bryce Trail followed in close 2nd place with Reserve Grand Champion.

Kylie Trail poses with Sue Dyke of Almosta Farm.  Kylie bought her Grand Champion Crossbred Highland steer from Sue.




                             Bryce Trail also was Champion Showman age 9-12 years.  





Junior Show at Kalamazoo

Another successful Junior Show occurred Saturday, August 27, 2011 with a great Junior turnout.George Buckham did a great judge judging the juniors, and then went on to do another fine job judging the open show.

Pee Wee Showmanship for those 6 years and younger was won by Olivia Moore .

Junior Showmanship for those 7-9 years of age,  was won by Marla Muter, age 9, with 2nd place going to Mary Muter, also 9.

Intermediate Showmanship (10-15 years of age) went to Miranda Battle (15) with 2nd to Jacob Jenkins (12) #rd to Kylie Trail (12) and  4th to Joshua White (10).

Senior Showmanship (16-21) was won by Evan Erler (21), 2nd to Traci Keene (17) #rd to Mallory Tanis (17) and 4th  to Jonny Jenkins (16) .


Osceola Peaches & Cream , shown by Miranda Battle, took Jr Grand Champion Breeding heifer  followed by Maple Hill Sasha, shown by Traci Keene, as Reserve.

 Osceola Peaches & Cream posed in front of the Junior membership with Judge George Buckham.Back row: Kylie Trail, Jon and Joshua Jenkins, Judge George Buckham, Mallory Tanis, Traci Keene,Evan Erler.  Front row: Josh White, Mary and Marla Muter, Jaelee White,Olivia Moore, with Miranda Battle holding Peaches.  Not shown is Bryce Trail.














 Special thanks to Sue and Steve Dyke, Almosta Farm, for sponsoring our Junior Show.




Midwest Junior wins National Contest

Mallory Tanis, of Silverwood, Michigan, was the winner of the American Highland Cattle Junior Association's 2011 Highland Heifer Program. This contest awards to the winning junior member a registered Highland heifer with absolutely no initial cost to the junior.  Mallory had to fill out a detailed application that required information about her present activities, her past accomplishments and her future goals; particularly as they related to her owning her own Highland heifer.  It was a hotly contested program;  there were several extremely deserving youths, but Mallory succeeded in convincing the Judging panel that she was the most deserving for this year.  Eddie MacKay, of Dundonald Farm in Three Rivers, Michigan generously donated a 14 month old red heifer named Roweena 4th of Dundonald to the national junior program, and it was with great delight that he saw this fine animal stay right in her home state. This is the second heifer to be donated to the national Juniors by a Midwest Highland Cattle Association member.  Let's keep up the good work. 



Junior Cow Camp:What a Success!!

A great turnout for the Junior Cow Camp occurred over the weekend of July 16. Twelve junior Highland Cattle enthusiasts with parents in tow joined a few adult instructors for a two day seminar on showing, handling and grooming cattle.  Unfortunately the weather was extremely uncooperative;  it was one of the hottest weekends we had seen in Michigan for July, and it was necessary to limit the cattle activity to early evening.  However, the swimming and ice cream visits were a distinct success.








Photos from the Junior Show in Allegan










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