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Midwest Highland Cattle Association

Highland History

Here are some stories or other reading that may be of interest to you.


Scotch Highlanders 1964: a duplication of a booklet published by the American Scotch Highland Breeder's Association (yes, it was ASHBA rather than AHCA back then) with lots of history from some of the founding members of our national association.  You may also download this as a PDF (large document-50 MB) here.

Scotty the Highlander the story of a Scottish steer purchased at the Kansas City Livestock Yards in the '30s and brought back to Michigan. 


Highland Imports to the USA

This is an essay written by Dr. Benjamin Hudson, PhD a  Professor of History and Medieval Studies at Penn State. This paper was presented at a dinner  more than twenty years ago following a  regional Highland cattle show in Pennsylvania.  The paper was never published but Dr. Hudson was kind enough to search his files and locate a copy  which he very generously shared with us. 


West Highland Cattle


The following is a chapter from the book published in 1876 titled"Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland."