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Midwest Highland Cattle Association

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Registered Bull for Sale,  Ohio        4/18/2020

Registered Bull, Creekstone Highlands, Alexandria, Ohio

Creekstone George

Registration # 57992

DOB - August 16, 2018

A Proven bull with a good disposition.


We also have a 1½ year old red bull that can be registered and heifers.


Jim Geiger

Creekstone Highlands

740-924-5345 Home

[email protected]

Bull for sale, Wisconsin         Sold!!!!        6/25/2019

CBS Slate 293 

Registration Number: 57,502

DOB: 3/28/2016

Sire: HSC Rebel’s Jack

Dam: CBS Layna

If your looking for a herd bull, look no further! Slate is exceptionally framed, level topped, stands square on all fours, and displays the depth of body that your herd is looking for! CBS Slate comes from a bloodline of excellence. His Sire, HSC Rebel’s Jack was a NWSS Reserve Grand Champion. Also, being a prodigy of CBS Layna; she produces calves that have continuously yielded the highest weaning weights at Cobblestone each year. With proven bloodlines and calving records, CBS Slate is sure to be the newest asset to your herd.

Cobblestone Farms
Please contact Farm manager: Calley Nelson for further information.(262)-689-7016
[email protected]

SOLD!!!!  Cows for sale, Colorado        9-24-2018

For Sale: The following 3 Highlands will be American Highlands Ranches only offering through May of next year. Available:  One Registered 4.5 year old Highland cow with calf. Grass fed, socialized, great personality. Excellent producer. Bred back 8-26-18. Second offering: (1) American Highlands Ranch bred, raised and registered Brindle Highland 14 month old Bull, (Am Prionnsa) see below., Date of Birth 7/1/17, Reg. Number 57350. Outstanding conformation. Ready to go to work -. And, one Registered 6 year old pregnant Highland cow, (A majestic looking Brindle w/Tiger-like striping & magnificent horns). She is due September 27. She’s been Grass fed, free ranged, maintained year round at a body score rating at 6, socialized, loves cookies and brushings and has also been an excellent producer. - All American Highlands Ranch Highland offerings have received their Seven (7) way vaccinations, are tattooed and are ear tagged for travel. Prior to pick up by purchaser, our Highlands are State Board inspected and undergo a full 3rd party veterinary examination with certification as to health.  – Interested parties email Christine at [email protected] or call 719-510-1102.

SOLD!!! Bull for sale:  Colorado                       6/29/2018

FOR SALE: American Highlands Ranch bred & raised Brindle Registered Highland Yearling Bull. - Reg. Number 57350. Am Prionnsa AH Ranch. Date of Birth 7/1/17  – Grass fed. Free range. Well Natured. Excellent Lineage. Outstanding Confirmation. Seven (7) way vaccination, tattoo and ear tagged for travel – Halter Trained. Show Trained. Ready to go. Email Christine at [email protected] or call 719-510-1102 for photos and pricing.

Steers for sale: Colorado     6/29/2018  SOLD!!!

FOR SALE: 2 American Highlands Ranch bred & raised yearling steers. Grass fed. Free range. Excellent condition. Seven (7) way vaccination, tattooed. One is Black the other is White. Both are Socialized. Both are halter trained. Both love cookies and brushing. Email Christine at [email protected] or call 719-510-1102
  White Steer is sold!!

Bull for sale, eastern Indiana          SOLD!                         10/19/17

Wilson is a 3-year old proven Scottish Highland bull. Very calm disposition. Good herd bull. Registered.  Centerville, Indiana 47330

Contact info: Andy at 765-960-5092 (phone or text) or [email protected]