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Midwest Highland Cattle Association


Belhaven Highland Cattle southern MI 2022


Lyle and Kitty Schmidt

Belhaven Highland Cattle

24310 Clark Road

Mendon, MI 49072

Phone:  513-232-9977


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 This ancient breed of heritage cattle are raised as nature intended. Our contented Scottish Highland cattle are lovingly raised on managed rotational grazing pastures. Grass fed with organically grown, non-GMO hay and silage all grown on the family farm. Sustainable farming methods are used through out our Highland cattle operation. In addition to access to abundant feed, our cattle have access to fresh spring water and to woodlands where the trees provide much sought after scratching posts as well as protection from the hot summer sun and winter's cold winds.

We are located in beautiful St. Joseph County (River Country) Michigan with fertile soil and abundant water. We encourage visitors to tour our farm and to the discuss this fantastic breed of majestic cattle.




Apricot Lane Farm in California was featured as a video short on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday March 24th. The filming is lovely, and the video includes shots of both TwinFlower Wesley, Grand Champion Bull at the 2011 NWSS and LEA Firefly, both purchased from Midwest members at the National Sale in 2011.

See the video here.