MAHA Show and ACHA Banquet and Meeting MAHA Show and ACHA Banquet and Meeting Reserve Grand Champion Bull LEA Haaken shown by Skyler Anderson with Judge Robert Mikesell form Penn State 182636764 Junior Yearling Heifer Heidi 3rd of Dundonald, shown by Rick Milliman 182636765 Grand Champion Female Skye High Yosemite May, shown by Skyler Anderson with Judge Robert Mikesell. 182636779 Role of Excellence Recipients Janet Steward and Ray Shatney won the ROE Champion Show Female of the Year. Shat-Acres is a Vermont member. 182636781 Vicki Will (Pennsylvania member) shows off a lovely heifer for Selby Highlands 182636782 ROE Winner Ray Shatney walks Shat-Acres Raisin Brandy around the ring. 182636783 Champion HighxBred Steer Dundonald's Effect 182636796 Grand Champion Bull Line-up 182636798 Three midwest contenders Judy Ligo, (Pennsylvania member) Ray Shatney (Vermont member) and Skyler Anderson (Michigan member) compete in the 2 year old heifer class. 182637034 Senior Bull Dwight Eisenhauer with his 2 year old bull. 182637035 Get-of Sire 3 nice entries sired by LEA Denovan Adam, bred by LEA-White Farms (Michigan member) 182637036 Intense Scrutiny 182637037 Midwest Champions in the Final Line-up Selby Highlands (Pennsylvania member) and 2 entries for Dundonald Highlands (Michigan member) 182637038 2 year old heifer Skyler Anderson leads Skye High Yosemite May to a First in her class, a Division Championship and then Grand Champion Heifer 182637180 Larry Alber (Michigan member) listens to John Bates (from Washington-hard to get him to join the Midwest Association!) 182637181 John Foster (Vermont)and Dwight Eisenhauer (Pennsylvania) collect their auction wins. 182637182 Skyler Anderson leads an uncooperative contestant. 182637184 Rick Milliman leads the Champion Bull Calf for Dundonald Highlands 182637185 Another of Dundonald'soutstanding entries. 182637186 Skyler being the perfect host. 182637187 The Geigers (Ohio members) watch as the auction rolls. 182637188 Intermediate Yearling Bull Champion Selby's Averett 182637189 Vicki Will sets up Selby's Averett in the Intermediate Yearling Bull Class 182637190 Judy Ligo (Pennsylvania member)shows off a yearling heifer. 182702534 The Larsons (Wisconsin members) and Steve Palosaari (Michigan member) walk with John Bates. 182702587 The Eisenhauers enjoy the meeting. 182702589 John Foster (Vermont member.) 182702590 The Millers (North Carolina members) acknowledging their first AHCA Convention. 182702954 Larry Alber and Pat White (Michigan members) find something amusing. 182702955 Premier Breeder and Exhibitor Eddie MacKay, Dundonald Highlands (Michigan member) shows off his banners. 182702957 Dwight Eisenhauer (Pennsylvania member) poses BRF Yukon. 182702958 Long time (and founding) Ohio member EZ Braun wins the Roll of Excellence for Cow/calf Pair with EZ Acres Pauline. 182702959