Denver NWSS 2012 Denver NWSS 2012 Intermediate Heifer Calf Class 148490725 Basswood 2nd of Dundonald in the Auction Ring 148490726 Intermediate Yearling Heifer Class 148490727 Gray Owl's Bearach waiting to go in. 148490730 Gray Owl's Bearach in the ring. 148490731 Scottish Dancers and Pipers and Drummers 148490732 About to start the auction 148490733 Dawn says goodbye 148490735 Waiting to go in the ring 148490736 Evan and Gethin 148490739 2 year old heifer class 148490740 LEA Firefly about to sell 148490741 LEA Gethin winning her class 148490742 LEA Gethin about to become High dollar female 148490743 The Grand Champion Bull is sold. 148490744 Skyler takes a turn in the ring. 148490745 LEA Gytha about to sell 148490748 The judge talked to many competitors. 148490749 LEA Gytha in the Show ring 148490750 Almosta Farm's Hatti sells 148490751 Almosta Farm's Hatti in the ring, with Dawn Manthei showing. 148490752 LEA Haven in the March Heifer calf Class 148490753 LEA Haven goes to first Place 148490754 Pipers call in the Championship Line up 148490755 Pipers 148490756 Maple Hill Sebastian sells 148490757 Aife 2nd of Dundonald sells 148490758 Strong competition 148490759 Looking good! 148490760 Sue Dyke leads out Almosta Farm;'s Hatti 148490761 Looking sharp in the show ring. 148490763 Zorrow 6 of Dundonald sells 148490764