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Midwest Members Honored at AHCA Convention

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 4:55 PM

The Annual Meeting of the AHCA took place on June 12-14, 2014, in Duluth, Minnesota, hosted by the North Central Highland Cattle Association. The entire event was a first class affair, starting from the choice hotel location on Lake Superior, right down to the finely detailed nametags that kept track of our individual choices in program offerings. In between, was a selection of educational programs, tourist events and dining choices that were all top notch. The speakers all presented high caliber information in an understandable and useful format. The judging seminar was exemplary, a hands-on demonstration of handling techniques was exceptional, and the joint session about ruminant anatomy and nutrition was incredibly well done (if ever so slightly cold- the weather on Saturday felt like the witch of November come stealing.)


The annual conventions just keep getting better and better; each setting a higher bar for the next to reach. If you have the opportunity to attend, it is a highly recommended experience which includes good educational seminars, camaraderie and a great selection of Highland cattle related items available to the highest bidder during and following the banquet.


A highlight for our own association this year, two Midwest members were honored for their contributions to the national organization as well as regional involvement. Sue Dyke of Almosta Farm, Magnet Nebraska, was awarded the Highland Member of the Year. Pat White, of LEA-White Farms, Charlotte, Michigan, was inducted into the Highland Hall of Fame.


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