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Centreville Show Results

Posted on December 11, 2015 at 10:10 AM

Another great Midwest Show just finished up at the St. Joseph County Grange Fair in Centreville Michigan the week of September 20-27th. Again, we had a great representative showing of some of the exceptional cattle the Midwest produces. The weather was incredible, a little hot for all the beasts (human and cattle alike) during the day, but cool and comfortable at night. The Midwest crew that waters, feeds and cleans up did a tremendous job keeping up appearances. As always the fair food is great and Rick’s pig and lamb roast on show day was delicious as usual.

Photos of the 2015 Centreville Fair can be found in our photo gallery here:

Complete show results are here:

MASH a Resounding Success

Posted on September 17, 2015 at 1:55 PM

The Michigan State Fair at Novi over Labor Day Weekend was a resounding success. Supported by loyal Midwest Members an outstanding representation of the Highland breed was on display for countless fair goers. This was such an improvement over our experience at The North American in Louisville, that it is difficult to even compare the two. Enthusiastic and excited members of the public along with an equally enthusiastic group of cattlemen showing other beef breeds demonstrated the camaraderie that should be present at every cattle event. We were well liked and well represented. The Midwest has every reason so be proud of the quality of Highland cattle we produce and put on display.


We had a splendid 4 day event in air conditioned comfort; a tremendous advantage for man and beast as the outside heat index soared into the mid 90’s. The beef superintendent had concerns that we would be unhappy with the facilities as the fair is a work in progress, but the general opinion from participants seemed to be that the facilities were perhaps some of the finest we have had the pleasure to use. Granted, at present time there is limited space for livestock but it is anticipated that that will be alleviated by 2017. Well worth the wait.


We showed on Saturday and then had a great evening banquet on Sunday night. The food was exceptional, as was the company. Generous donors allowed for substantial monetary awards for the Grand and Reserve Grand pairs, as well as lucrative silent and live auctions, thanks to our unknown comic and auctioneer Steve Palosaari of Snowland Livestock.


Bessheen Baker put together a slideshow presentation from moments at the fair for our enjoyment at the banquet, and those photos are reproduced in our photo gallery here.


The big winners of the evening included Skyler Anderson, of Skye High Farms in Coldwater Michigan. He brought out the Grand Champion Bull, (Skye High Darwin Finch) Grand Champion Heifer (Skye High Claudette) and the Grand Champion Cow with calf at side (Skye High Yellow Bird, who had already proven herself in the show ring as the Grand Champion Heifer at the 2013 Midwest International in Louisville and her calf at side was to be the Grand Champion Bull here.)


The Reserve Grand Champions proved to be a little more diverse, with Reserve Grand Champion Bull (Basswood 4 of Dundonald) going to Eddie MacKay of Dundonald Farm, Reserve Grand Champion Heifer going to Steve Palosaari of Snowland Livestock (Snowland First Lady) and Reserve Grand Champion Cow with calf going to Pat White of LEA-White Farms (Skye High Uganda with LEA Livvy at side)


Rounding out the awards were presentations for Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder. There was a tie for Premier Exhibitor between Skye High Farms and Dundonald Farm, but Skyler Anderson squeaked out a win for Premier Breeder due to the Reserve Grand Champion Cow being Skye High breeding, which upped his number by a single point.


Results are here.

Special Thanks to: Richard Muntz, John McLaughlin and Marion Belding for their expertise in helping us run a smooth show. Also thanks to Kalmbach Feeds for providing first bedding for all the cattle at the Michigan State Fair.

Thanks again to all the other generous sponsors who helped to support this first showing of Highland cattle the the State Fair.


Midwest Member Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Posted on June 30, 2015 at 1:15 PM

For those of you who didn't attend, the annual General Membership Meeting of the American Highland Cattle Association, you missed an educational and memorable conference.  Gifted speakers and incredibly beautiful surroundings made for a top-notch meeting.  Visits to Trafalgar Square Farm in North Pomfret, Vermont, and Star Lake Farm in Georges Mills, New Hampshire, were the definite high points of the meeting. 

Then to round out the events, our own Eddie MacKay, of Dundonald Farm, Three Rivers Michigan was inducted into the Highland Hall of Fame. The complete write-up will be published in the fall edition of the Bagpipe and will be reproduced here as well.  John Foster, of East Corinth, Vermont, was also inducted into the Hall of Fame posthumously.

Midwest International 2014

Posted on November 21, 2014 at 8:35 AM

Complete Results are availabile Here.  Photos will be posted as they are received.

Highland Showcase Sale

Posted on October 13, 2014 at 5:20 PM

Midwest members were well represented both buying and selling cattle at the 1st Annual Highland Showcase Sale in Earlville NY. The sale grossed $ 92650 on 29 lots to average $3195. It was an exciting day with some exceptional cattle up on the auction block.  More photos in the Photo Gallery.

Centreville Fair Highland Cattle Show Results

Posted on September 23, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Champion Intermediate Bull Calf Dundonald’s Chance#2 DOB 6/14/14 Reg:53521

Champion Jr. Bull Calf LSK Zero DOB: 2/1/14 Reg; U9129

Reserve Champion Jr. Bull Calf Dundonald’s Buck DOB 1/5/2014 Reg: 53165

Champion Junior Yearling Bull: Basswood 4 of Dundonald DOB: 3/24/13 Reg: 52760

Junior Champion Bull (Not an AHCA division)

Champion LSK Zero

Reserve Champion Basswood 4 of Dundonald

Champion Senior Yearling Bull LEA Illya DOB: 9/16/12 Reg: 53407 Not an AHCA Division

Reserve Champion Senior Yearling Bull LEA Ianto Jones DOB:12/10/12 Reg: 52474

Senior Bull over 2 yrs. and less than 3 yrs. (1/1/12-8/31/2012)

1st Dundonald’s Chance DOB: 3/28/12 Reg: 51176

Champion Senior Bull LEA Illya

Reserve Champion Senior Bull LEA Ianto Jones

Grand Champion Bull LEA Illya

Reserve Grand Champion Bull LSK Zero

ChampionJunior Heifer Calf Dundonald’s Shelby DOB: 1/7/14 Reg: 53101

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf: Roweena 8 of Dundonald DOB: 1/7/2014 Reg: 53100

3rd: LEA Kaikare DOB: 4/1/2014 Reg: 53512

Champion Sr. Heifer Calf : LEA Jordyn DOB: 9/17/2013 Reg: 53390

Reserve Champion Sr. Heifer Calf: LEA Jude DOB:9/5/2013 Reg:53387

Jr. Yearling Heifer (1/1-4/30/13)

Champion Jr. Yearling Heifer: Skye High BornToBeWild DOB:2/15/2013 Reg: 52515

Reserve Champion Jr. Yearling Heifer: LEA Jeanette DOB: 4/26/13 Reg: 52629

3rd: LEA Jory DOB: 3/27/13 Reg: 52675

4th Skye High Bittersweet DOB: 3/16/2013 Reg: 52514

5th LSK Perina DOB: 4/20/2013 Reg: 53225

6th Mellisa 6 of Dundonald DOB: 4/1/13 Reg: 52366

7th Leitis 10 of Dundonald DOB: 2/11/13 Reg: 52365

Jr. Champion Female Not an AHCA Division

Champion Skye High BornToBeWild

Reserve Champion LEA Jordyn

Champion Two-Year old Heifer : LEA Ivette DOB: 4/6/12 Reg: 51579

Reserve Champion Two-Year old Heifer Yarrow 3 of Dundonald DOB: 5/6/12 Reg: 51360

3rd LEA Ingenue DOB: 3/29/12 Reg: 51575

4th LSK Onyx DOB: 4/18/12 Reg: 52212

5th Heidi 3rd of Dundonald DOB:2/29/12 Reg: 51175

Champion Cow/Calf: Spring Flight Moonlight Yarrow DOB: 6/23/04 Reg: 42136

Calf: Yarrow 4 of Dundonald DOB: 4/22/14 Reg: 53520

Reserve Champion Cow/Calf Skye High Uganda DOB: 8/8/2007 Reg:45556

Calf: LEA Kaikare DOB: 4/1/2014 Reg: 53512

3rd Ella Ruadh of Dundonald DOB: 5/2/07 Reg: 45498

Calf: Dundonald’s Chance #2 DOB: 6/14/14 Reg:53521

Sr. Champion Female Not an AHCA Division

Champion LEA Ivette

Reserve Champion Spring Flight Moonlight Yarrow

Grand Champion Female LEA Ivette

Reserve Grand Champion Female Skye High BornToBeWild

Grand Champion Cow/Calf: Spring Flight Moonlight Yarrow with Yarrow 4 of Dundonald

Reserve Grand Champion Cow/calf: Skye High Uganda with LEA Kaikare

2-Bulls ( 2 years & under) (Not an AHCA Division)

1st LEA-White Farms

2nd Dundonald Farm

2-Females (any age shown in individual classes)

1st__ Skye High Farms

2nd__ LEA-White Farms

3rd__ Dundonald Farm

4th_ Cedar Ridge Farm

Pair of Yearlings (Bull and Cow)

1st LEA-White Farms

2nd Dundonald Farm

Get of Sire (4 animals-both sexes-1 sire)

1st Dundonald Farm

Jr. Get of Sire (3 animals-both sexes-1 sire)

1st Dundonald Farm

2nd LEA-White Farms

Produce of Dam (2 animals-either sex-any age)

1st LEA-White Farms

Pair of Calves (1 each sex)

1st Dundonald Farm

Jr. Herd (Bull & 3 females under 2 years )

1st LEA-White Farms

2nd Dundonald Farm

Premier Exhibitor Dundonald Farm

Premier Breeder Dundonald Farm


Midwest Members Honored at AHCA Convention

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 4:55 PM

The Annual Meeting of the AHCA took place on June 12-14, 2014, in Duluth, Minnesota, hosted by the North Central Highland Cattle Association. The entire event was a first class affair, starting from the choice hotel location on Lake Superior, right down to the finely detailed nametags that kept track of our individual choices in program offerings. In between, was a selection of educational programs, tourist events and dining choices that were all top notch. The speakers all presented high caliber information in an understandable and useful format. The judging seminar was exemplary, a hands-on demonstration of handling techniques was exceptional, and the joint session about ruminant anatomy and nutrition was incredibly well done (if ever so slightly cold- the weather on Saturday felt like the witch of November come stealing.)


The annual conventions just keep getting better and better; each setting a higher bar for the next to reach. If you have the opportunity to attend, it is a highly recommended experience which includes good educational seminars, camaraderie and a great selection of Highland cattle related items available to the highest bidder during and following the banquet.


A highlight for our own association this year, two Midwest members were honored for their contributions to the national organization as well as regional involvement. Sue Dyke of Almosta Farm, Magnet Nebraska, was awarded the Highland Member of the Year. Pat White, of LEA-White Farms, Charlotte, Michigan, was inducted into the Highland Hall of Fame.


Osceola Classic 2014 Results

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 4:45 PM

Results are in for the Osceola Classic held the first weekend in June.  Congratulations all for a fine showing. 

Grand Champion Female STR Illuminada


Reserve Grand Champion Female: Heidi 3rd of Dundonald

 Grand Champion Cow/calf Ullah of Balmule 6/20/06 with Skye High Corallyn 1/6/14


Reserve Grand Champion Cow/calf CBS Jade 13Y 8/7/11 with CBS Jameson 2/15/14

Grand Champion Bull: CBS Ransom


Reserve Grand Champion Bull Osceola Jehoshaphat

Complete show results are below.

Osceola Classic

Jr Heifer Show

Division 3

1. Almosta Farms Rose 10/14/13

2. MHH Last Shot 10/1/13

Division 4

1. Osceola Serenade 5/8/13

Division 5

1. STR Illuminata

2. MHH Dazzle 4/3/13

3. Osceola Lace and Roses 4/17/13

4. Mellilsa the 6th of Dundonald 4/1/13

5. Osceola Tinker Bell 4/27/13

6. LSK Goldy 4/26/13

Division 6

1. Heidi 3rd of Dundonald 2/29/12

Grand Champion Junior Heifer: STR Illuminata

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Heifer: Heidi 3rd of Dundonald

Junior Highland Showmanship


1. Olivia Moore


1. Ryleigh Adams

2. Elle Toney


1. McKenna Rogers

2. Kolton Beachey

3. Charlotte Jack

4. Noah Baker


1. Ginny Miller

Highland Open Show

Div 2: Junior Heifer Calf

1. Champion Dundonald Shelby 1/7/14

2. Reserve Champion Skye High Corallyn 1/6/14

Div 3: Senior Heifer Calf

1. Champion Almosta Farm Rose 10/14/13

2. Reserve Champion Maple Hill Last Shot 10/1/13

Div 4: Intermediate Yearling Heifer

1. Champion Bennachies Nadia 5/2/13

2. Reserve Champion Osceola Serenade 5/8/13

Division 5 Junior Yearling Heifer

Champion: STR Illuminata

Reserve Champion: Skye High BornToBeWild

Class A:

1. CBS Yaz’s Yukon Jill 4/22/13

2. Twinflower Francis 4/19/13

3. LSK Derina 4/20/13

4. Osceola Lace and Roses 4/17/13

5. Osceola Tinker Bell 4/27/13

6. LSK Goldy 4/26/13

Class B.

1. STR Illuminada 4/10/13

2. Skye High BornToBeWild 2/15/13

3. Skye High BMY Valentine 2/14/13

4. MHH Dazzle 4/3/13

5. Mellisa 6th of Dundonald

Division 6: Senior Heifer

1. Champion Heidi 3rd of Dundonald 2/29/12

2. Reserve Champion Skye High Abilene 5/26/12

Grand Champion Female STR Illuminada

Reserve Grand Champion Female: Heidi 3rd of Dundonald

Division 7: Cow with Calf at Side

1. Grand Champion Ullah of Balmule 6/20/06 with Skye High Corallyn 1/6/14

2. Reserve Grand Champion CBS Jade 13Y 8/7/11 with CBS Jameson 2/15/14

3. RAM Shelby 5/17/11 with Dundonald Shelby 1/7/14

4. Amy Ruadh of Dundonald 4/26/11 with Dundonald’s Buck 1/5/14

Division 9: Junior Bull Calf

1. Champion Dundonald’s Buck 1/5/14

2. Reserve Champion CBS Jameson 2/15/14

Division 11: Intermediate Yearling Bull

1. Champion Findley Falls Boyd 6/3/13

Division 12:Junior Yearling Bull

1. Champion CBS Ransom 3/7/13

2. Reserve Champion Osceola Jehoshaphat 4/28/13

3. Maple Hill Jackson 4/29/13

Grand Champion Bull: CBS Ransom

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Osceola Jehoshaphat

Division 15 Crossbred Prospect

1. Champion Smokey of Dundonald Farm 3/23/13

2. Reserve Champion MHH Clare 8/8/13

Get of Sire:

LSK Closer

Breeder’s Herd:

Cobblestone Farm






Midwest Member to Judge Virtual Show

Posted on May 22, 2014 at 10:25 AM

Skyler Anderson, of Skye High Farms in Coldwater Michigan, active member of both AHCA and MWHCA, joins the triumvirate of judges for the 2014 Virtual Highland Cattle Show.  The Virtual Show is a global competition with entries from virtually every nation with any population of Highland cattle within its borders.  Skyler joins Les Wardle from the U.K and Liisa Volanen from Finland.  Information about the contest, the judges and entry instructions may be found at http://www.virtualcattleshow.com/

Highland Auction in Missouri a Big Success

Posted on May 5, 2014 at 10:25 AM

The Heartland Highland Cattle Association again hosted an auction in Norwood Missouri.  The auction was a tremendous success and complete results can be found here.  Congratulations to all involved, particularly loyal Midwest member Sue Dyke of Almosta Farm, who consigned the high selling Highland to the sale.