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MASH and Centreville a couple of Big Hits

Posted on October 17, 2018 at 12:05 AM

Had a great couple of weeks and now the Michigan shows have come and gone and we can get back to business. Had a great show at both the MASH in Novi, at the Michigan State Fair, and at St Joseph County at Centreville. Have to plug for the MASH though; cattle are housed and shown inside the Suburban Collection Showcase, fully air-conditioned and extremely comfortable. As opposed to Centreville in the middle of September, with some of our hottest weather saving up to wear on us and the cattle. Blistering heat and humidity made Centreville again a haven of cattle hosers, spending part of each afternoon cooling the animals down before putting them back in the barn. Saturday of Fair week finally saw the temperatures drop dramatically, to the point of requiring heavy coats. Welcome relief. We had a good turnout for both shows with some of the cattle pulling repeat performances. Notably: Snowland First Lady pulled a Michigan coup, defeating all comers at our three shows for rights to call herself THE Cow/Calf Champion. (She just completed the World Beef Expo in Wisconsin and finished as Reserve Grand Champion there.) She received numerous complements from all judges. CBS Josie was awarded Grand Champion Heifer at both Centreville and Novi, while Dundonald’s Cho Sona was awarded Grand Champion Bull at Centreville and Gray Owl’s Scooter was handed the same title two weeks earlier at Novi.

Snowland First Lady with calf Snowland Lady's Lily awarded Grand Champion Cow/Calf

LEA Only Dreaming pretty much stole the show when she wasn't in the ring.

CBS Josie, Grand Champion Heifer, MASH 2018 and Centreville 2018

Gray Owl's Scooter is Grand Champion Bull at MASH 2018

Steve Palosaari (Snowland Livestock) pretty much stole the show when he was in the ring.

LEA Nettie Creek named Reserve Grand Champion Heifer

LEA Jamie Lee and calf LEA Only Dreaming receive Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Award

UP State Fair 2018

Posted on August 26, 2018 at 2:05 PM

We had a tremendous turn out of both exhibitors and animals at the UP State Fair in Escanaba.  Our hosts really appreciate the Highland Cattle and treat us like royalty.  They also provide generous premiums and our very own Highland Barn.  Winners included: Grand Champion Bull STR Armageddon, owned by Spencer Reetz and Husker Show Cattle, Reserve Grand Champion Bull LEA Niadh, owned by LEA-White Farms, Grand Champion Heifer CBS Wendy's Girl, owned by Cobblestone Farm, Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Windemere Firefly owned by Windemere Farm, Grand Champion Cow with Calf Snowland First Lady and Snowland Lady's Liliy, owned by Snowland Livestock and Reserve Grand Champion Cow with Calf LEA Yellow Jacket and LEA Oriana, owned by LEA-White Farms.  Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder went to Eddie MacKay of Dundonald Farm. Complete Results are available here.https://www.midwesthighlands.org/up%20state%20fair%20show%20book%20%20correct%202018.docx

Grand Champion Bull STR Armageddon

Grand Champion Heifer CBS Wendy's Girl

Grand Champion Cow/Calf Snowland First Lady

Reserve Grand Champion Bull LEA Niadh

Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Windemere Firefly

Reserve Grand Champion Cow with Calf LEA Yellow Jacket

St. Joseph County Grange Fair 2017

Posted on February 4, 2018 at 12:05 AM

Midwest Sponsored Highland Cattle Shows September 2017

St. Joseph County Grange Fair

Another successful show at the Centreville Fair this year, with 20 head shown. The judge was very complementary to our cattle. Due to some cattle illness in the 4-H barns, we were sent home early to minimize the spread of disease. That week was the hottest we had had I think all summer, and I know our cattle were thrilled to get home instead of standing around tied in a barn, despite the shade and the fans. Grand Champion Bull went to Eddie MacKay's Defiance of Dundonald. Eddie also claimed Grand Champion Female with Heidi 4th of Dundonald. LEA-White Farms was awarded Grand Champion Cow/Calf with LEA Ivette and her calf LEA Nettie Creek. Complete results may be viewed here:

We had a great time at both the UP State Fair (The Escanaba Escapade) and the Michigan State Fair in Novi. Good turn out with even better cattle. Results of the Escanaba Escapade at the UP State Fair can be viewed here. Grand Champion Bull was Finley Falls Duncan repeating his performance at the National Western this past January., Grand Champion Heifer was Windemere Dream and Grand Champion Cow/calf was LEA Hobgoblin with LEA Nyssa.

We also just completed the MASH at the Michigan State Fair in Novi, MI. Grand Champion Bull was awarded to Almosta Farm Brogan, Grand Champion Heifer was Symbiosis Lady Graceland and Grand Champion Cow/Calf was LEA Haven with LEA Noelle at side. Complete results may be viewed here.

Midwest Spring Meeting May 7 2017

Posted on May 23, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Had a great day Sunday, May 7th for the annual Midwest Highland Cattle Association Meeting. Dr. Jen Roberts, from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine joined us for the day and gave a fascinating education demonstration on reproductive ultrasound on a number of open and pregnant cows. With two handheld ultrasound screens she pointed out the many advantages of ultrasound for pregnancy detection as well as its use in detecting problems with reproduction.


In addition to a lot of good food and drink, Skyler Anderson generously escorted a group of kids and adults back to the remains of the old apple orchard on the property for some heavy duty mushroom hunting. Success was to be had. The morels were thick this year.


A brief business meeting was conducted late afternoon, with the election of some new faces to our Board of Directors and the adoption of some changes to our by-laws.


Centreville Fair 2016

Posted on October 5, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Another September come and gone;  the Centreville Fair was another successful showing for the Midwest Highland Cattle Association.  It is a shame that more farms do not participate in this wonderful agricultural fair.  The number of people passing through the barns is truly amazing and those breeders that do take the time and effort to highlight our breed do so for every breeder of Highland cattle,  not just themselves.

We had great weather, if a little warm, great food and great camaraderie. Complete results can be found here.

More photos are located in the photo gallery here.

MASH at the Michigan State Fair in Novi

Posted on October 4, 2016 at 11:45 AM

It was an incredibly busy and hectic time for the Labor Day Weekend at the Michigan State Fair in Novi Michigan.  It is truly unbelievable how many people (with loud, screaming children and strollers that nonchalantly park themselves directly in the path of cattle on the way to the show ring or the wash rack) visit this new revival of the original State Fair in Detroit. What a time to be had.  The facilities are great, with the entire show, stalling and staying (the Hyatt Place is directly attached) taking place indoors in air-conditioned comfort.  Once you arrive, you don't have to leave the building until you load up and head for home.  We had a great showing again, with results posted here and more photos here.

A busy summer with the Highland shows

Posted on October 4, 2016 at 11:15 AM

Sorry it has been so long to finally post some information about the busy show season for some of us.  We had 3 successful shows in various parts of the state this late summer, starting with the UP State Fair in Escanaba, Michigan.  Three of our diligent members took a few of their Highlands to our gorgeous upper peninsula in mid-August and represented our great breed.  Because in the past there have been insufficient numbers of Highlands to warrant our own classes, they were shown in the All Other Breeds Classes, to some resounding successes.

More photos can be seen in the photo gallery.

Cow Camp 2016

Posted on July 28, 2016 at 10:35 AM

You aren't likely to find yourself being soaked by a showmanship judge armed with a squirt gun anywhere except Cow Camp. This year’s MWHCA Cow Camp was held at Maple Hill Highlands, and brought together 14 juniors and 12 animals from Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, and Minnesota.

At Cow Camp this year we had the opportunity to learn about reproduction from Dr. Todd Miller, a local vet. As cow camp kicked off we got to watch an embryo transfer. Later in the week, Dr. Miller came back to artificially inseminate three cows and teach us how to AI. He explained it step by step, and then we were given the chance to try it ourselves on a a reproductive tract that was saved from a cow that had been butchered.

Dr. Bowman, a professor of parasitology at Cornell University came and taught us how to look at manure samples for signs of a worm infection and how to identify worm eggs under the microscope. Each junior had the chance to check their animal’s sample and then we went through and discussed the findings and what factors affected the concentration of worm eggs in the sample such as environment and time since deworming.

We were honored to have Ginny Miller come to Michigan to teach us as well. She discussed parts of the animal and how to read medication labels with us and then lead a showmanship session. During the showmanship session, she had us pair up and switch off pretending to be the calf while she taught us how to switch hands on a halter when stopping, and how to walk our animals into place. While participating in mock showmanship classes later that day, we switched animals and were asked to identify parts and estimate weights. We all learned a lot about how to present our animals in the best way possible, even though many of us ended the class in water soaked clothes as a result of being sprayed with a squirt gun if we made as mistake while showing.

Additionally, we had the privilege to learn about animal chiropractics and acupuncture from Dr. Ashley Miller. She explained why the practices are useful on large animals such as horses and cattle, and then demonstrated by making adjustments on a highland cow to free up movement in her neck, and then followed it with some acupuncture in the loin area.

When we weren't busy learning in educational sessions, we were busy learning how to pan for gold and make lead ropes, walking calves through an obstacle course, playing pictionary, having water fights, swimming, and having campfires. We had an amazing time at cow camp making new friends and meeting new people, and came out of the experience with closer bonds with our animals and tons of new knowledge. Thank you to Chris and Dawn Manthei for hosting the 6th annual Cow Camp. We are already looking forward to next year!

Please see more information at Juniors 2016

and Photos


MWHCA Annual Membership Meeting

Posted on June 3, 2016 at 8:50 AM

The Midwest Highland Cattle Association (MWHCA) held its annual meeting at Skye High Farms, hosted by Skyler Anderson and his parents, Marion Belding and Jim Anderson. There was an excellent turnout of about 60 people, including members and potential members. We had participants from Ohio, Indiana. Pennsylvania and Michigan! The person driving the farthest was actually from Michigan, Steve Palosaari (MWHCA Secretary), who lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, about 560 miles from Coldwater, MI! Two farms joined the MWHCA at the meeting! Despite early snow flurries, and gusty winds, everyone had a good time and enjoyed lots of great food including 100% Highland Beef Sweet Italian Brats, supplied by McLaughlin Farm.

The event included several educational opportunities, including a presentation by Pat White explaining the value of having registered Highland Cattle. Pat also did a demonstration concerning how to give proper injections and handling techniques. Rick Millimen did a hoof trimming demonstration, using a hoof trimming chute that he and Eddie Mackay built. This exhibition was very interesting. The McLaughlin’s brought their beef sales trailer which they use at farm markets and spoke with interested members about their Highland Beef marketing business. Throughout the day the attendees were able to participate in pasture tours and hayrides led by Skyler.

One of the highlights of the event was the honoring of long time MWHCA member, Eddie Mackay. Eddie is a past President of the MWHCA and of the American Highland Cattle Association (AHCA) and is member of AHCA’s Hall of Fame. The MWHCA commissioned a new logo which incorporated the Modern Mackay Tartan into its logo. Eddie was presented with a shirt and hat with the logo, and a new banner Association banner was unveiled which will be used at various events, including shows. All members that attended the picnic also received a hat!

A short business meeting was also held, immediately after lunch, at which time two new board members were elected: Kelly Cheatwood and Pat White. Pat is known to many in the Highland Cattle world. Newcomer Kelly Cheatwood from New Carlisle, Ohio (west of Columbus, OH) also joined the board. Kelly is a relative newcomer to Highland Cattle, having started a small herd with her brother Ryan Howard. Kelly and her husband Eric manage the cattle as Ryan is on active duty in the US Coast Guard. Kelly and her 5 year old niece enjoy the cattle and hope to show. Kelly is a Public Safety Specialist (dispatcher) with the City of Vandalia. Eric is a fire fighter and paramedic, and is working on a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering. Kelly showed rabbits and cattle during her 12 years in 4-H. She was most familiar with Simmental and Angus, but she says she is getting used to Highlands and their horns! We are looking for others from Ohio and Indiana to get more involved with the MWHCA and help us promote Highland Cattle throughout our region.

The MWHCA is making plans for 6th Annual Cow Camp, to be held on July 8-10, 2016 at Chris and Dawn Manthei’s Maple Hill Highlands in Stanwood, Michigan Cow Camp has proven to be a great experience for all the people involved, including the kids! All kids participate with a parent or guardian, the youngest was 4 years old, there is no upper age limit. This year a picnic will be held on Saturday, July 9th which is open to all MWHCA members! Everyone is encourage to attend, including adults wishing to learn more about handling their cattle as well as showmanship. All attendees are asked to bring a passing dish. It should be fun participating or simply watching the kids! This is a great opportunity for those that have never shown cattle to get instruction on showmanship prior to the Association’s two shows, which are both in September. See the MWHCA web site for more details and the application for Cow Camp 2016.http://www.midwesthighlands.org

The MWHCA will once again sponsor an AHCA point show, the MASH on September 3, 2016 in conjunction with the Michigan State Fair. The fair is held in Novi, Michigan at the Suburban Collection Showcase and runs from Thursday, September 1-through Labor Day, Monday, September 5, 2016. MWHCA participated in the State Fair in 2015 for the first time and everyone that attended (both as exhibitors and as attendees) thought it was a great venue. Thousands of people pass through the barns and watch the shows going on in the various arenas. One highlight for the cattle and their handlers, is that the arena is air-conditioned! It is hoped that by 2017 the venue will be expanded with a new arena and then MWHCA can increase the number of animals to be shown.

The Centreville show (St. Joseph County Grange Fair) is held 2 weeks later from September 18th through the 24th. This is a wonderful county fair, with lots to do and see. Highland cattle are very well received at this fair, and last year had the most animals and exhibitors of any breed. It is a good venue for newcomers to show as well! It is expected that the MWHCA will have a potluck dinner the evening of the show. Because animals are required to stay on the premises for the entire week, the MWHCA arranges for a small team workers to take care of animals during the week so their owners do not have to devote the entire week to the fair.

Check the MWHCA web site at: http://www.midwesthighlands.org for more information.

In summation, we are looking forward to an active summer in the Midwest region. We have a “travel team” of volunteers (people and cattle) willing to bring educational programming to your area! We know that there are growing pockets of Highland owners in central and western Ohio, as well as in Indiana. You are encouraged to help us promote Highland Cattle in your area by hosting a picnic, or arranging for a faculty (perhaps a fairground) where another picnic can take place.

We thank you for your support.

John M. McLaughlin, Jr.

McLaughlin Farm Ltd.

President, Midwest Highland Cattle Association

[email protected]

Photos from the event can be viewed in the Photo Gallery Here



NWSS Denver 2016

Posted on January 26, 2016 at 10:05 AM

Another stellar year for Midwest members at the National Western Stock Show.  Just back yesterday and will be adding photos as they come in.  Check out the photo gallery. Top banners  included Grand Champion Bull BRF Bernie, bred and owned by Bull Run Farm in Lehighton, PA, Grand Champion Cow with Calf LEA Hedy, bred and owned by LEA White Farms, Charlotte, MI: Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Cobblestones Raquel, owed and exhibited by Bull Run Farm;Get-of Sire for HSC Rebel's Jack, bred by LEA-White Farms and owned by Cobblestone Farm, WI; Grand Champion Purebred Prospect Steer Almosta Farm's Heath, bred by Almosta Farm and owned by Maryn Cowell of Owatonna, MN; and Grand Champion Crossbred Prospect Steer Buster of Flatland Farm, Hannah Burkhart/Flatland Farm of Elkton MN .

There were plenty of other banners to be had by Midwest members.  LEA Livvy (LEA-White Farms) took Champion Intermediate Heifer Calf, and farm mate LEA Jamie Lee took Reserve in the same division. LEA Lydie (LEA-White Farms) was awarded Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf; Skye High Corrinna (Skye High Farms) won Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Heifer; Skye High Delagrange (Skye High Farms) took Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf and herd mate Skye High Cornerstone won Reserve Champion Junior Yearling Bull. Orla of Flatland Farm, bred by Flatland Farm and owned by Almosta Farms was awared Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf. LEA Jaime (bred by LEA-White Farms and Owned by Cobblestone Farm) was awarded Reserve Champion Senior Heifer.

LEA-White Farms was awarded Premier Breeder and tied for Premier Exhibitor.

The sale was also a resounding success for Midwest members with top sellers going out from Dundonald Highlands, LEA-White Farms, Shat-Acres Highlands, Skye High Farms, Snowland Livestock and  Windemere Farm.

Shat Acres Raisin Cain, bred and owned by Shat Acres Farms in Vermont, was High Selling Bull, while Windemere Blossom, bred and owned by Windemere Farm became the High Selling Female.

BRF Bernie, Grand Champion Bull

BRF Bernie

magnificent ring shot

LEA Hedy with LEA Jamie Lee at side

Grand Champion Cow/Calf

Cobblestone's Raquel with BRF Dalwhinnie at side

Reserve Grand Champion Cow/calf

Grand Champion Crossbred Prospect Steer

Buster of Flatland Farm

Grand Champion Purebred Prospect Steer

Almosta Farm's Heath

High Selling Bull  Shat-Acres Raisin Cain

High Selling Female  Windemere Blossom 

Complete results are available here:

More photos to be seen in the Photo Gallery http://www.midwesthighlands.org/apps/photos/

and at Selby Photography NWSS 2016 superb candid shots in the ring