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Midwest Highland Cattle Association


American Highlands Ranch  Northern Colorado                        2022

American Highlands Ranch LTD.

American Highlands Ranch
1281 E Magnolia St Unit D #320
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: 719-510-1102

Contact Us:

Please visit our website:  americanhighlandsranch.com

American Highlands Ranch specializes in Breeding Cattle/Show Cattle/Beef
Cattle & Pets. American Highlands Ranch is a Mountain ranch focused on a
fully sustainable life style. Among our farming activities, we raise & sell
Scottish Highland cattle for show, pets & or Beef. We breed our Highlands by A.I. allowing us to obtain and use semen from prize winning herds. As a result we have cattle with beautiful deep red, black, silver, brindle & blonde coloring with top notch characteristics. We have been consistently
increasing our AI success rate which has been bringing us an 85% success
rate. We are fully environmentally focused, planting and harvesting
heirloom seeds, raising and harvesting heritage breed chickens, turkeys and growing fresh vegetables & processing fruits from the lands into jams and jellies.

Chris Weeks

Colorado, USA

Apricot Lane Farm in California was featured as a video short on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday March 24th. The filming is lovely, and the video includes shots of both TwinFlower Wesley, Grand Champion Bull at the 2011 NWSS and LEA Firefly, both purchased from Midwest members at the National Sale in 2011.

See the video here.