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Midwest Highland Cattle Association

2022 Centreville Fair Information and Entries

Centreville Fair  (St. Joseph County Grange Fair)  in Centreville2021


The Centreville Fair is the week of September 18- 24th, 2022.  Cattle must be in place Sunday ( by 3 pm to check in your cattle if you have any changes) and are released Saturday night at midnight.  (most of us leave first thing Sunday morning.)  This year the show is on Tuesday, following the 4-H beef show.  We request that we show last of the beef breeds, so that generally is anywhere from 2pm-5 pm depending on the number of other entries, but it could be earlier if numbers are down.  We do have a crew on hand to take care of your animals during the entire week if there are days you cannot make it in. Obviously, you have to be there on show day.  It is a great agricultural fair with a tremendous number of people going through the barns every day.  Although not as generous as it used to be, after the State cut funding, the fair still pays premiums for every class except the Champion classes. 


   It is necessary to mail entries to The St Joseph County Grange Fair (Centreville)

($5.00 per animal entered plus $3.00 per class entered) and mail or email a

separate entry for the MWHCA/AHCA sanctioned portion of the show ($10.00 per

animal entered) to:

Pat White

Highland Cattle Show

1680 West Santee Hwy

Charlotte, MI 48813

Email entries for the Midwest Highland Cattle Show to:

[email protected]. Emailed entries for that part of the show may be paid

for online  here.

Entries for both must be received by August 19th 2022, no later than 4:00 pm.

If you are entering a 2 year old heifer in the show, list her in Class 372 on

both documents, even though the Fair Premium Book lists that Class as 2 year

old cows with calf.  A calf is not necessary for Class 372.

Out of state cattle are NOT required to have an RFID tag.  They must have USDA official identification, which may include an RFID tag OR a metal USDA tag OR an orange Bangs tag. 

Remember that cattle originating in Michigan are STILL REQUIRED to have

an RFID tag and meet all Michigan requirements for movement.

Please download all the following documents.